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Selasa, 10 Januari 2012

Who're the Disputing if itsn't Allowed Tambourine Art and there's no Evidence for that?

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       The title above we deliberately created in the form of a question in the hope there is feedback from all my friends. And the idea of this post comes from the results of our visit in order to connect a student to the teacher fraternity is professor of Aminuddin Masjhudi, caregivers Darunnajat Modern Boarding School, Tegal Munding, Pruwatan, Bumiayu, Central Java, Indonesia in hopes of bringing benefits to the reader as well.

       " If you get large orders from anyone and then he sold it to deceive the buyer, then do not join in. approve it. The most important thing for you is to make and sell it in order tambourine intention to follow the Prophet Muhammad that in fact in which the Prophet recited Shalawat . " Or so he responded to the advice intent 'intention' us.
Then he issued a collection of books written by Professor Mohammad Hashim Ash'ari which contains 19 books. One of the book titles listed therein Tanbihaatu-l-Waajibaat, on page 16 written hadith the Prophet Muhammad;

فى الأصح :  لخبر الترمذى وابن حبــان انـه صلى اللـه عليـه وسلـم لمـا رجـع الى المـديـنة من بعـض مغـازيـة قـالت لـه جـاريـة  سـوداء اني نـذرت ان ردك اللـه سـالمــا أن اضـرب بيـن يـديـك بالدف فقـال لهـا ان كـنت نذرت فأوفي بنـذرك وهذا يشهـد  لبحـث الـبلقـينى أن ضـربـه لنحـوقـدوم عـالـم أو سلطـان لاخلاف فيـه

       Told in the Hadiths of Imam sohih Turmudzi and Ibn Hibban ra
that in fact when the Prophet Muhammad returned to Medina from one battle with the infidel (the battle of Uhud) a black slave woman came to meet him and said;
"O prophet of Allah, that slaves had intended (swear) that if God returns the servant of this battle (of Uhud) safely tambourine then the servant would hit in the face of the lord."
       So the Prophet Muhammad SAW said to him;
" If you had intended so then do it your intention. Surely hitting tambourine to honor the arrival of a pious or the government that there is no contradiction in it (not khilafiyah .....) "

       In essence the role of intention here is very important, because if our intention to make, buy, hitting or even just watching music scene in order tambourine intention to follow the commands of the Prophet of Allah willing, we will be showered blessings, amen ... And above Hadith has become a handbook tambourine us that art is not heresy and permitted by the Prophet Muhammad to carry it out. Only God Almighty Knows Best.

Sources: Book at Tanbihat Al Wajibat Page: 16
Book collection of works:
Hadlratus-Syaih, Professor Mohammad Hashim Ash'ari
( Founder and Jam `iyya Boarding Tebuireng NU )

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