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Selasa, 04 September 2012

Hadrah Tambourine version Habib Syech

      Visits Syech Habib bin Abdul Qodir Asegaf in various regions in Indonesia makes the introduction of version tambourine Hadrah increasingly popular. Everywhere Hadrah group trying oriented music stream a smart, calm, and dynamic accompaniment sholawat poem to the Prophet Muhammad. (There is, perhaps another judgment of the reader?)
      Hadrah tambourines plural version Syech Habib who happened to buy the product Bahana Single Sounds

consists of 4 tambourines Hadrah, 1 Bass Habib Syech, 1 piece Dumbuk keprak Waist and 1 set which includes 2 Chuck and 1 Bass Pick.
      Bass Pick term vary. There is also a mention Tam-tam, Thung, and others. While we call it Chuck Bass let more cool, hehe ... As for the term of his Bass Sheikh Habib much bass mica order terms, as happened to the sound produced from this instrument in the form of a plastic material mica, instead of the skin like most tambourine.
      Actually the term Bass head in our less precise because mica is used for the manufacture of plywood drum pralon or who are already devotees of rare, replaced by drum Tablag, Dumbuk and others. The most appropriate might be called Bass Head.
      Single Voice Bahana used to make this bass using material from the original head product of Taiwan, who had been staying put. Not head sheet (like other products) were rounded up and made ​​a ring yourself manually. Head sheet producing a less satisfying and less durable, easy to loose. Finally, let more cool and different from other products, we refer to this as the bass BJ16 "/ head.
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